Datara Management Solutions have been directly and indirectly supporting a number of organisations in operating more efficiently and effectively.

Clients with whom we have been involved include:
• Professional Institution – Review of data and performance measures
• International UK Financial Institution – Group Property – Auditing, Asset Review and Projects
• Government Dept. – Forward strategy c800 Properties

A recent project has been in the development of Key Performance Indicators to be used by a client to monitor and measure the performance of their maintenance service provider’s activity vs. client expectations.

We developed a balanced scorecard identifying 12 specific relevant measures. Each of the measures being scored and weighted to reflect the client’s activity and ‘impacts’ on their business activity.

The performance of each of the activities were measured using statements that enabled the client to relate to and ‘score’ performance on a monthly basis in a fair and objective manner.

In conjunction with the client, the scores were ‘adjusted’ to give them their ‘weighting’ and have been graphically represented to give a clear presentation of performance.

Performance Measurement and Monitoring is important to any business, whatever the activity, it does not need to be used for detrimental reasons but to aid and assist in ensuring that focus is retained and objectives are strived for.

This is a brief outline of the typical services that Datara Management Solutions can offer.

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